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People, introductions, hello

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to start a thread where we could introduce ourselves. My name is Kyle Combs I am an artist and composer. I have been interested in spatial audio for many years, but only began working with it last year after attending the EMPAC spatial audio seminar. I am very excited for our upcoming CT::SWaM Exchange events and this forum will also be a great place for supplimentary info and ongoing discussion. Thanks to Daniel and Lee, looking forward to the next event.



Hey everyone, happy to be on here!

My name is Lee Gilboa, I am a composer, sound artist and audio engineer. My work uses speech and language as materials and considers audio spatialization as a tool for the embodiment of sonic figures and identities. Currently I am exploring vertical distribution of sound, micro vs macro spatialization and the affects that spatial movements in such environments have on our listening.
I have been lucky enough to workshop and hear some of my ideas in Virginia Tech’s different studios (The Cube, Perform Studio and DISIS) and this summer I will be researching these and new ideas at IRCAM in Paris.

Very excited to see a platform like this that is dedicated for communal thinking and discussion of different topics around spatial and multichannel sound.


Daniel Neumann, sound artist, organizer, sound engineer. I started CT::SWaM as part of an artist residency at Eyebeam in Chelsea in 2012. Sound and its relationship/interaction with space is my key interest across all said activities.


nice to meet you @Kyle and @leegilboa, and thanks @DaN for creating this platform for discussion, listening, and performance.

my name is joseph branciforte, a musician, composer, and recording engineer based just north of new york city. my “day job” is as a freelance recording engineer at studios around NYC and as a mixing & mastering engineer at my studio in bushwick, brooklyn. my current musical work is focused on algorithmic composition for acoustic ensembles using max/msp and live performances based around the fender rhodes extended with hardware DSP, modular synthesis, and tape loops. i am starting a record label this year called greyfade with a focus on algorithmic processes in acoustic and electronic music, both composed and improvised.

i have no experience in spatial audio as a composer, and limited exposure to spatialized works as a listener. therefore, i come to this group to listen, learn, and absorb the history and myriad possibilities offered by the multichannel format, with the hope that i might be able to incorporate some of them into future work.


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Hi everyone,
my name is Matthias Reinacher. I’m an IT Professional, HIV activist, and DJ. I’m based in Zurich, Switzerland. I’m happy to go into detail of my different projects but I feel this short introductory thread is not the place for this.

As a non-commercial party promoter, I have been interested in high-quality PA systems and became interested in multichannel and spatial audio by my friends @DaN & Maria. I have little knowledge of the field but would love to explore it further.

I’m glad to be able to be part of this community, and I am happy to provide you with this forum and other technical means of connecting people independent of the big tech monopolies.

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My name is Boris Klompus.

My focus is on sound, space, and perception- how they interrelate and distort one another. I’ve been turning over and over what role narrative plays in experience, and have been trying to come to grips with what a narrative-free music/listening experience can even be like. I’m still working to find the properly nuanced way to explain this… and I could use a few more cups of tea this morning before going further into depth…!

I also have a large interest open community organized and focused spaces and endeavors as many of the great people and things I’ve had good fortune to learn from, be influenced by, and work with, have come from such environments.

I’m looking forward to discussing things on this forum, and also getting together in person, to meet and listen and interact.

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Hey everyone, my name is Brian Wenner.

I’m a composer, sound designer, and performer based in New York (live in Ridgewood, Queens). I compose and do sound design under the alias Prism House primarily. I’ve written for dance, theater, multi-channel installation, conventional album release, and other various short-form projects.

I’m really interested in learning new techniques to improve my multichannel composition skills and have somewhere to show some new things I’m working on to a group of like-minded people and artists.

Happy to be here! Thanks everyone.


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