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The Artistic Play of Spatial Organization:
Spatial Attributes, Scene Analysis and Auditory Spatial Schemata

Gary S. Kendall and Mauricio Ardila (2008)

The Composition and Performance of Spatial Music
Enda Bates (2009)


Spatial Composition Techniques and Sound
Spatialisation Technologies

Marije A. J. Baalman (2010)

Contemporary Trends in the use of Space in Electroacoustic Music
Felipe Otondo (2008)

Multi-Channel Diffusion 1, econtact 2.4
Multi-Channel Diffusion 2, econtact 7.4
eContact! - Online Journal for Electroacoustic Practices




The Journal of Sonic Studies
multidisciplinary research around the sonic environment


Strategies for spatial music performance: the practicalities and aesthetics of responsive systems design
Ricky Graham & Brian Bridges


Spatial Sound Institute, Budapest, Hungary
Ecology of Listening


What is the Spatial Turn?

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Spatio-musical Composition Strategies’ in Organised Sound, Vol. 7(3)
Natasha Barrett (2002)